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Posted by: allround Posted on: October 26, 2017

All Round Consult Uganda Limited [ARC] is a 360-degree public relations (PR) agency.

We have been helping companies, NGOs and public sector organizations build thriving relationships with their customers, employees, stakeholders and the media since 2008 up to date


All Round Consult:

Is dedicated to your business and understands the importance of your business
Has expert knowledge about all of your target audience
Delivers innovation that is grounded in the basics
Has a record of success and an eye toward results

What makes us unique

Experience, tangible results and strong media relationships are the markers of our work. We have mastered the art of communicating effectively with the media and have the ability to develop organization tools and influencers in use of social media strategies, as well as boast of a pool of senior journalists that scoop headline stories.

Our clients buy experience, excellence, solutions, credibility, integrity and quality.
Their success is not just our position: It’s our No. 1 priority! We pride ourselves on our approach to challenges, our quick project turnaround and our team of accomplished experts


1. We are hands on and always accessible.
2 We respond swiftly to time management, knowing every second counts
3.We are optimistic but honest in our public relations/Marketing Direction.

4. We help our clients set customized realistic goals and expectations