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“Youth in Politics: Harnessing the novel concept of the “Youth quake” on the Ugandan Political Landscape; personal Experiences of a young leader in Uganda”

Posted by: allround Posted on: April 26, 2021

On Sunday 25th April 2021, Dr. Ruth BiyinzikaMusoke made a presentation to the newly elected National Resistance Movement  Members of Parliament  at Kyankwanzi.

The topic was; “Youth in Politics: Harnessing the novel concept of the “Youth quake” on the Ugandan Political Landscape; personal Experiences of a young leader in Uganda”



In her presentation, she stated the possible causes of the “youth quake” and below aresome of her recommendations to the causes;


  1. Unemployment: she recommends that;
  • the government Increases investment in sectors which are attractive to young people and which can easily absorb them for employment such ICT
  • There’s need to review the PPDA act to consider the possibility of prioritizing small contracts  to verified youth organized groups  especially at Local government levelor all contracts below 20m could be ring fenced for young people)
  • Institute a policy to set up an Incubation center in every region,
  • Provision of free Farm land to verified youth groups,
  • Lower entry requirement for young people when joining civil employment, Government should come up with innovative methods of assessment that may include aptitude, character and psychometric tests
  1. Weak Government systems to identify and manage Talent;

She recommends;

  • Set up a committee for Talent identification under the CDO Office in each District with an operation Budget.
  • Set up a Talent Based Academy in each of the Key Regions of Uganda.


  1. Lack of Patriotism and receivership syndrome among Youth: Dr. Ruth recommends government to address mindset change to youth by Investing in public Civic Competence Building for young people, through the various media channels and Barraza’s.


  1. Education System that lead to Job seekers not Job creators; She further recommends that; The current Education Sector Strategy and current TVET Policy have come up with various recommendations which must be operationalized immediately.
  • Set up centers of excellence in each Region ; so far 4 have been set up
  • Implement a competence based culture where a child acquires a skill at each level of training right from primary school.
  • Improve the process of career guidance to ensure the officers handling are more informed on what’s required in the World of Work.
  • Involve the private sector in the process of curriculum development at all levels.
  • Set up a Skills Development Fund (SDF). Currently Private Sector Foundation is implementing a Pilot SDF with credit from the World Bank
  • Promote and fund Work based learnings for every learner before graduation for both formal and non-formal education ( internship, apprenticeship, industrial placements)


  1. Lack of Sustainable programs and interventions targeting youth’ Dr. Ruth recommends All such youth programs should be developed and implemented in a phased manner and must incorporate a Pilot phase during the design).
  2. Lack of Sustainable markets for the goods and Services produced by youth; Dr. Ruth recommends that government should Establish an Agricultural stabilization Fund policy and Buffer to ensure demand and prices of Agriculture products are stable.
  3. Poor savings culture and personal management among youth in Uganda, I therefore recommend the following; Dr. Ruth recommends that Government should expand the Myooga program to include more sector associations and funds allocated per myooga increased from 30 million to at least 50 million.

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