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The power of empowering staff in the workspace.

Posted by: allround Posted on: July 8, 2020

As more and more leaders come to understand that employee empowerment is paramount to achieving organizational goals, they realize that people are their most strategic asset; all other organizational elements – technology, products, processes – result from the actions of workers. To that end, leaders are increasingly concerned about ensuring that their employees feel truly empowered to contribute to the company’s mission and drive value to customers.

Most company owners don’t realize that being a leader in a business requires helping employees to do their jobs without constant micromanagement. When employees can work independently, the employer’s time is freed up to do other necessary business tasks.

Doing the job independently and being empowered are similar but slightly different. When employees are empowered, they feel the ability to make certain decisions, rather than only following the standard procedures when working independently.

Empowerment has huge benefits for the employee, the team and the company bottom line.

As company policy, All Round Consult is well known for awarding the most outstanding staff member of the year, based on how hard a person has performed and merit, discipline, and hard-work shown all through, voted and chosen by entire staff team. This is done to ensure all members of the staff are working hard towards personal growth and accomplishments plus the growth of the company.

Meet our 2019-2020 Employee of the year and star employee of the year.

Gloria Angwech Office Administrator

Frank Bakama Graphics Editor

These two individuals have worked tirelessly and wholeheartedly in ensuring the company’s success over the past 10 years. There commitment and loyalty, service above self and flexibility in working hours is the reason they stand out.

This is to inspire and motivate all employees, that the performance one showcases at a work place is what makes them essential and irreplaceable. Our boss once, “While an education background secures you a job, performance and discipline in a workspace secures you a position in any company or organization.”

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