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Posted by: allround Posted on: December 17, 2019

While other companies were preparing for end of year parties at fancy hotels for dinners and cock tails All Round Consult management was preparing its first ever annual strategic planning meeting as a way of closing off the year in style to be able to come together, discuss and build the team in order to ensure service delivery at its best.

The meeting focused on discussing key points in the company’s vision and strategies, come up with innovative solutions to be able to achieve the company’s vision more effectively by the year 2022. The event took place on 15th December 2019 at Urban by Blue city Nakasero.

All Round consult has a small young team of approximately 12 staff members who attended the event.

The workshop kicked off with breakfast at 9:00AM in the morning, and then later a team building activity where members had to share their thoughts concerning issues that usually do occur in the workforce and how they affected them. For example the first day at work, rain, encouragement, inspiration, and miscommunication etc. The responses were positive while others gave points that needed change after having affected them inappropriately.

Afterwards, the Managing Director Ms Irene Birungi Mugisha, gave a presentation on the key points she expects each team member to keep focusing towards the expansion of finance as the staff members increase too., publicity generating cooperation, centre of gravity so that each member is able to reach the company’s breaking point, strategic thinking as we acquire what we need affordably.

Other guest speakers gave keynotes that left the room inspired and open minded, a one Colline Masiga urged everyone to be able to understand what the company’s vision is be confident about it and then become a brand ambassador for the company wherever they’ll go. This would increase the clientele base of the company.

The second guest speaker was Susan Nsibirwa who inspired the room with her vibrant spirit, urging every individual to come up with personal values that are in line with the company’s values in order to be able to grow and be effective in service delivery. She added that excelling at what one does is life changing, one will always have space at the high table therefore as minor as any duty can be, and each one should opt for excellence.

As the day went by, the team had a lunch break with soothing soft music, and later an appreciation speech from each team member then cake cutting and photos.

All round consult, to be a go to organisation to provide innovative communication solutions to drive corporate performance by the year, 2022.


Posted by: allround Posted on: December 7, 2019

Rotarians in Business hosted an annual business festival/expo to showcase members goods and services, as one of the several activities. The inaugural one was held on 29th and 30th November 2019 at The Forest Mall parking area.

Part of the proceeds went towards supporting Mission Green and Vijana Poa activities

Posted by: allround Posted on: December 6, 2019

Kira municipal council, hosted the first ever stakeholders meeting on the 5th December 2019 at Hotel Africana under the theme “together we can  transform Kira Municipality”.

The event was graced by stakeholders residing or working in Kira town council. With Hon Frank Tumwebaze as the Guest of honor.

Kira municipality is divided into divisions of Bweyogerere, Namugongo, Kireka, Kirinya, Kyaliwajjala, Kirinya, and Kimwanyi, therefore the major aim was to present before its stakeholders the development trends and achievements for the last 3 years, discuss the accountability on the stakeholders, both business people and residents, the key achievements of the municipality through the time, developing a development forum, and also highlight key challenges in service providing and most importantly seek wise council from all the stakeholders and come up with implementation plans on how to do better.

The speakers at the event included Julius Mugenyi Richard the Mayor of Kira municipal council, the town clerk Mr Ben Yiga, Hon Bwanika Matia Lwanga who clearly highlighted the achievements of Kira Municipal Council, which include, construction of classroom blocks for a few schools in the municipality among others

Like any municipal council, Kira highlighted the challenges it encounters that range from high population especially in the areas of Kireka, traffic jam on the road etc.

Other invited dignitaries included, Gen Elly Katumba Wamala, Mr Bageya Waiswa permanent secretary, Ministry of local government,

Minister Frank Tumwebaze speaking at the event, emphasized non-partisan politics for every service provider, because every citizen whether on the opposition or proposition side is entitled to good governance. He also encouraged physical planning among all contractors, the municipal council too should continue to advocate for change, engage in joint funding by the stakeholders as a way of coming together to solve a common problem.

He finalized on the use of technology, social media to reach out to as many people as the municipality can.

Posted by: allround Posted on: October 11, 2019

All Round Consult held the first ever online influencers breakfast meeting on Friday 19 July 2019 and the purpose of this breakfast was to help Build trust, strengthen the relationship and also help build ARC brand recognition amongst these influencers.
Speaking at the breakfast meeting Mugwanya tasked the influencers to always deal with facts. “As an influencer, you should set yourself targets and also make sure to find facts before you tweet or share content online. In some years to come, the nature of our jobs is going to change. Our jobs will be very significant because we are moving to the virtual way of doing things from the current physical way.
As an influencer, chose out the platform to be on, especially the one you are well conversant with. It is not good to be on every platform, ”Mugwanya said.
Aboth Fiona Tracy thanked the influencers for having honoured the invitation and also reminded them to always make sure that they go that extra mile of reminding themselves of what to do.
The influencers thanked the ARC team for having organized the breakfast meeting and requested timely content sharing.
“One main way on how to attract people to your pages is by sharing good content. This is the first thing. It must be Entertaining, Informative and Educative”, Paul Ssenabulya concluded.

Posted by: allround Posted on: October 25, 2017

Skills development Facility grantee Care and Empowerment for the Vulnerable in Action (CAEVA) graduated 80 trainees in Knitting, Tailoring and Craft making following a nine month period of skill training with took place in Namulesa,Jinja-Kamuli Road . The Event was attended by Mr. Mugomba John, Deputy DISO, Jinja Municipality who expressed his thanks to SDF for the funding towards skills improvement in the community.

This is an important element of the initiative is to facilitate collaboration between training providers and industry to promote demand driven skills development with special attention to innovative modes of training.

Guest of honor and Deputy Head of the Skills Development Facility Dr. Edith Kakuba congratulated the Graduates on their achievement and urged them to not stop at acquiring skills but also provide the same encouragement to others for a better community and curb unemployment.

Dr. Edith Kakuba (Dep. Head SDF and guest of honor) addressing the graduates

“I got a contract to tailor 200 school uniforms and was overwhelmed because of my lack of appropriate skills to deliver because I was self-taught. Since coming to CAEVA, I have received support and training and now I have started a school uniform tailoring workshop and also employ others” says Waiswa a graduate.

SDF aims to promote employer-led short term training in order to address prevailing skills shortages in Uganda. An important element of the initiative is to facilitate collaboration between training providers and industry to promote demand driven skills development with special attention to innovative modes of training.

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