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Posted by: allround Posted on: November 11, 2021

PPDA (The Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority) launches e-GP to the Ministry of Education during an online change meeting held at their headquarters. The meeting happened on 9th November and included a presentation with a number of delegates from PPDA, e-GP team, PDU and The Ministry of Education and Sports.

This meeting was intended to create awareness for the change and seek buy ins from the Ministry of Education. The chairperson Ms. Kate Lamaro, the permanent secretary of the Ministry welcomed everyone to meeting and urged the different entities to embrace the new reform and acknowledged the e-GP team for its remarkable work. She then called upon the Commissioner Head of Department finance and also a representative of the ED, PPDA, Mr. David Kiyingi who elaborated on how e-GP started about 10 years ago and how they have worked tooth and nail to seek the reform in operation time the procurement department deployed a group of locals ICT developers who built the current e-Gp system which has since been so efficient and user friendly. He urged people to embrace the reform for the advantages that come with it.

Mr. Ronald Tumuhaire (Manager Capacity building PPDA) then kicked off the presentation alluding to the intent of the meeting, the solutions to the preceding challenges including poor record management, constrained monitoring of procurement, unsatisfactory procurement plan and many more. He went ahead with giving justification for e-GP which comes with improved budget absorption, increased information access, improving debriefing of unsuccessful bids, improved value for money and so many more.

e-GP is not only giving a new turn to its entities but catering for the suppliers. He goes ahead to name the implications of e-GP to its different entities namely; All procurements being done on the system, keenness during procurement. The procurement plan will have to be updated retrospectively for emergency procurements, timeliness of the staff as well as others.e-GP has registered success factors like; strong sponsorship support, facilitation and adaptation to online training, bidder registration support, real time issue logging and success in 12 entities.

He ended with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi ‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’. The meeting was climaxed with closing remarks from the chairperson where she said the Ministry is ready for the reform and hopes that come January when the reform is fully launched all entities are able to work well with it. The moderator Mr. Erukwaine Godfrey thanked the e-GP team for the great work and hopes that the entities are able to work well with the reform.

We remember the e-GP has worked on this reform since January 2018 and is fully establishing it in 2021. With a clear roadmap that is channeled to driving e-GP and procurement as a whole to the next level.

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